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"Data recovery for smartphone and mobile phone"


Mobile phones are part of our everyday life. We are dependent on the data stored on them: Contact information, calendar data, address books, notes, to-dos, reminders or e-mails - this is information that is important to us.

Data loss on iPhone, Samsung or Nokia

This makes the loss of data on smartphones and mobile phones all the more serious. You dropped your iPhone in the water? Your Samsung no longer reacts after a fall? You have deleted something on your Nokia that you absolutely must have back?

Data recovery on smartphones is possible

Don't panic, this data can also be restored. 

1. What to do in case of data loss?

Several errors can cause data loss on your data carrier (hard disks, USB sticks, etc.). Data recovery from your defective hard disk requires technical understanding and practical know-how. In case of improper rescue attempts, your data may be lost forever. 

We will gladly assist you in the rescue of your data. All you have to do is the following: 

  • Please contact us, gladly by telephone, and describe your problem
  • Then fill out the contact form on our website and let us know your preferences
  • Send us the defective data carrier by mail or bring it personally to our office 

2. We can help you - Our services and prices at a glance!

a) Initial analysis 

The speed of the initial analysis depends on the fare booked (basic or express analysis).

If you are not in such a hurry, then book the "Basic Analysis" when filling out the contact form and we will carry out the initial analysis for you free of charge within 5 working days. At this point we will only charge you the postage costs for the return of your data medium. 

If you are interested in a faster presentation of the first analysis results and a clear idea of the data recovery effort based on these results, we recommend booking the "Express Analysis" for 100 EUR per device. Then you will usually have a clear idea of the data recovery options available the next working day. 

b) Data recovery

After the first analysis we present you the result in writing and an estimate of the expected data recovery effort. You always remain the master of the procedure and decide whether you want to have the data recovery carried out or have your defective data medium returned.  

The costs of the data recovery itself depend on the effort of the data recovery. We distinguish between the three service types "Standard" (349 EUR), "Clean Room" (650 EUR) and "Clean Room Plus" (950 EUR). Details can be found in the diagram below. Usually this step will be completed within 3 working days. Deviations from this may occur in times of high workload. 

If you additionally book our express service for data recovery, we will devote our full attention to your request. For a surcharge of 50 percent of the offer price we will immediately start the data recovery on your devices and send you an overview of the recovered data as soon as possible, usually on the next working day. 

Data Recovery Prices

Smartphone Standard


The data has been deleted

1. single smartphone
2. free standard analysis

Smartphone Premium


The smartphone was dropped, fell into the water and so on.

1. single smartphone
2. free standard analysis

  • Price including tax.
  • Applies to all single hard drives up to a max. capacity of 2TB. (€100 surcharge for drives over 2TB)
  • You can send us a USB 3 hard drive where we can store the data. Do not send us a drive with data!
  • Free standard analysis for unopened hard drives (6 working days)
  • Incl. file list
  • SSD drives are excluded from this offer.
  • Return by DPD
  • Non-binding fixed price offer
  • Return shipping flat rate €15
  • Spare parts can only be ordered with prepayment. 


Premium Data Recovery

The professional data recovery of affected hard disks is in many cases the only way to recover damaged or deleted data. This requires appropriate tools and above all years of experience and "know-how".

If you are looking for professional help to rescue your important data and files, then contact us!