USB stick data path

Repair USB stick with Windows

The error checking tool integrated in Windows could, with a bit of luck, make your USB stick fit again.

  • Insert the defective USB stick into a free USB port.
  • Click on "Computer" (Windows 7).
  • The connected USB stick should appear in the list of devices.
  • Right-click on it and select "Properties".
  • Under "Properties" you will find the "Tools" tab (Windows Vista and 7) which you click on.
  • There the "Error checking" should be listed. Click on the "Check Now" button.
  • Check the checkbox in front of each of the options listed.
  • Finally, click the "Start" button to start the check and the associated repair.
  • Once the check is complete, your USB stick may already be working again. This is because the Windows tool removes all file and sector errors it found on the USB flash drive.

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When the mobile data media fail

But what happens if you want to use the SD card and nothing happens? The luxury of mobility and flexibility of these devices comes with some serious risks: The permanently carried data carriers are subject to a high degree of wear and tear.

Three types of errors can be responsible for data loss: 

  1. Logical errors: The storage medium is recognized by the operating system, but does not display any data.
  2. Electronic errors: The storage medium is not or only sporadically recognized by the operating system.
  3. Physical errors: The memory is externally damaged.

It is quite normal to think that the data on a damaged memory is irrevocably lost. But Gefund-IT helps you to recover data that you thought was lost.

1. What to do in case of data loss?

Several errors can cause data loss on your data carrier (hard disks, USB sticks, etc.). Data recovery from your defective hard disk requires technical understanding and practical know-how. In case of improper rescue attempts, your data may be lost forever. 

We will gladly assist you in the rescue of your data. All you have to do is the following: 

  • Please contact us, gladly by telephone, and describe your problem
  • Then fill out the contact form on our website and let us know your preferences
  • Send us the defective data carrier by mail or bring it personally to our office 

2. We can help you - Our services and prices at a glance!

a) Initial analysis 

The speed of the initial analysis depends on the fare booked (basic or express analysis).

If you are not in such a hurry, then book the "Basic Analysis" when filling out the contact form and we will carry out the initial analysis for you free of charge within 5 working days. At this point we will only charge you the postage costs for the return of your data medium. 

If you are interested in a faster presentation of the first analysis results and a clear idea of the data recovery effort based on these results, we recommend booking the "Express Analysis" for 100 EUR per device. Then you will usually have a clear idea of the data recovery options available the next working day. 

b) Data recovery

After the first analysis we present you the result in writing and an estimate of the expected data recovery effort. You always remain the master of the procedure and decide whether you want to have the data recovery carried out or have your defective data medium returned.  

The costs of the data recovery itself depend on the effort of the data recovery. We distinguish between the three service types "Standard" (349 EUR), "Clean Room" (650 EUR) and "Clean Room Plus" (950 EUR). Details can be found in the diagram below. Usually this step will be completed within 3 working days. Deviations from this may occur in times of high workload. 

If you additionally book our express service for data recovery, we will devote our full attention to your request. For a surcharge of 50 percent of the offer price we will immediately start the data recovery on your devices and send you an overview of the recovered data as soon as possible, usually on the next working day. 

Datenrettung USB Stick unter microscope
Datenrettung USB Stick unter microscope
USB Stick Reparieren, Datenrettung Chip-Off
USB Stick Reparieren, Datenrettung Chip-Off
Defekt Micro SD Karte Vorne - Gefund-IT
Defekt Micro SD Karte Vorne - Gefund-IT
USB Stick reparieren datenrettung
USB Stick reparieren datenrettung

3-Defekt-MicroSD-Karte-Preperation Gefund-IT
3-Defekt-MicroSD-Karte-Preperation Gefund-IT


USB Standard


The data has been deleted or the USB stick/SD card wants to be formatted.

1. single USB device
2. free standard analysis
3. USB up to 256 GB
4. unopened device

USB Premium


The USB device does not respond when inserted into a computer. Complex rescue

1. single USB device
2. free standard analysis
3. USB up to 256 GB
4. unopened device

Data recovery fixed price:

  • Including all necessary spare parts
  • Deploy your recovered data to a new disk.
  • Return by DPD
  • Non-binding fixed price offer

No data no costs - Only return shipping flat rate €15

USB Premium Data Recovery
Repair SD card

Micro SD card defective or SD card repair

Micro SD card defect? Did you insert your MicroSD card into your computer but it is not recognized or the size is 0 byte? Then your MicroSD card has most likely an electronic defect.

We at Gefund-IT (data recovery) can solve this problem. Because only companies that work with a combination of microscopes, 0.1 millimeter wire and the powerful PC3000 flash have the possibility to rescue your data. Any other attempt would do more harm than good to the fragile data card


Premium Data Recovery

The professional data recovery of affected hard disks is in many cases the only way to recover damaged or deleted data. This requires appropriate tools and above all years of experience and "know-how".

If you are looking for professional help to rescue your important data and files, then contact us!