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Data rescue hard disk Schwäbisch Hall - What can you do yourself?

The keyword "data recovery hard disk" is often used in connection with computer technology. Of course, it is no problem for professionals to carry out a data recovery of a hard disk. But this article is not intended for professionals, but for laymen. In this article we would like to give you an assistance, which enables you to diagnose and repair many errors, which often occur with hard disks. We will deal with the topic "data recovery hard disk". We will look at the classic HDD hard disk, the newer SSD hard disk and external hard disks.

What types of errors are there?

There are two types of errors that can occur with any type of hard drive. For our topic "data recovery hard disk" we will refer to the logical and the physical errors. Both types of errors are fundamentally different and must be treated differently.

What are logical errors?

Logical errors are the damages in the software of the hard disk. Externally and mechanically, the hard disk is perfectly ok, but there is an error in the software. Such errors can result in the fact that you can no longer access your data or that your data has become corrupt.

What are physical errors?

Physical errors are mechanical damage to the hard disk. For example, if you drop a hard disk or use a hard disk for a very long time, physical errors can occur. Physical errors are characterized by the fact that the hard disk no longer functions completely or in parts. Mechanical knowledge is required for such errors. Physical errors are more common with external hard drives and with HDD hard drives. External hard disks are subject to a higher risk of falling, that they are not built into the computer and HDD hard disks have many moving parts that can lose their function if used for too long.

What are the most common errors and how do I fix them?

In order to remain true to our keyword "data recovery hard disk" we will now show you the most common errors and in the next step how you can fix them. We will sort the most common errors according to the types of hard drives.

Data recovery hard disk Schwäbisch Hall - HDD

With an HDD hard disk, physical errors and logical errors occur about equally frequently. If you own an HDD hard disk, sooner or later your hard disk will fail, this is a physical error. In such cases there is unfortunately little you can do. If you are faced with such a problem, then you should look for an expert who is familiar with the topic "data recovery hard disk".

There are two logical errors that often occur with HDD hard drives. Many people complain about deleted data or deleted parts of their data. Fortunately there is a simple solution for such errors, which is also suitable for laymen. By right-clicking on your HDD on your computer, you can select the menu item "Restore previous version". In this menu item you can restore a previous version of your data. Just choose a date before you lost your data.

Data recovery hard disk Schwäbisch Hall - SSD

SSD hard drives are newer and more durable than HDD hard drives. SSD hard drives are also built into computers, but have no moving parts, so they last much longer than HDD hard drives. For these two reasons, physical failures are rare with SSD hard drives. However, if you suspect a mechanical failure, you should contact a professional, as you could lose your data forever if you try it yourself.

Logical errors can still happen. Also with SSD drives, the most common error is that data has been deleted. With an SSD hard disk, you can use the menu item "Restore previous version" as with an HDD hard disk to restore your data.

Data recovery hard disk Schwäbisch Hall - external hard disks

External hard drives can be both HDD and SSD hard drives. However, external SSD hard drives are more common. With external hard drives, the risk of physical failure is much higher, as they may fall down or otherwise be damaged. To get an external hard drive working again after a physical failure requires immense technical understanding. Most of them will not have this understanding. For this reason, we recommend that you consult an expert so that you can be sure that your data can be recovered.

Logical errors are also possible with external hard drives. If the error is lost data, you can easily recover your data by clicking on the menu item "Recover previous version". How this works is described under Data Recovery Hard Disk HDD. Another logical error that occurs with hard disks is that the hard disk is no longer recognized. If the hard disk is no longer recognized, you can no longer access your data. In such cases you should check the USB connection between the hard disk and the computer. If this does not solve the problem, you can use the Disk Management. In the disk management you will find the sub-item "Hard disk partition". Your hard disk should be displayed there. Now right-click and click on Error Diagnosis. If your hard disk is not displayed there, you should assign a letter to the hard disk or initialize the disk. There is already a post on this topic.

Data recovery hard disk - the best and safest option in Schwäbisch Hall

If you encounter mechanical errors or logical errors which you could not correct with the help of our instructions, you must contact an expert. We are happy to help you. Just contact us at 0791-49 39 04 98. On our website we provide our visitors with a lot of knowledge about the topic "data recovery hard disk". Because of this you can trust us that we know what we are doing.

1. What to do in case of data loss?

Several errors can cause data loss on your data carrier (hard disks, USB sticks, etc.). Data recovery from your defective hard disk requires technical understanding and practical know-how. In case of improper rescue attempts, your data may be lost forever. 

We will gladly assist you in the rescue of your data. All you have to do is the following: 

  • Please contact us, gladly by telephone, and describe your problem
  • Then fill out the contact form on our website and let us know your preferences
  • Send us the defective data carrier by mail or bring it personally to our office 

2. We can help you - Our services and prices at a glance!

a) Initial analysis 

The speed of the initial analysis depends on the fare booked (basic or express analysis).

If you are not in such a hurry, then book the "Basic Analysis" when filling out the contact form and we will carry out the initial analysis for you free of charge within 5 working days. At this point we will only charge you the postage costs for the return of your data medium. 

If you are interested in a faster presentation of the first analysis results and a clear idea of the data recovery effort based on these results, we recommend booking the "Express Analysis" for 100 EUR per device. Then you will usually have a clear idea of the data recovery options available the next working day. 

b) Data recovery

After the first analysis we present you the result in writing and an estimate of the expected data recovery effort. You always remain the master of the procedure and decide whether you want to have the data recovery carried out or have your defective data medium returned.  

The costs of the data recovery itself depend on the effort of the data recovery. We distinguish between the three service types "Standard" (349 EUR), "Clean Room" (650 EUR) and "Clean Room Plus" (950 EUR). Details can be found in the diagram below. Usually this step will be completed within 3 working days. Deviations from this may occur in times of high workload. 

If you additionally book our express service for data recovery, we will devote our full attention to your request. For a surcharge of 50 percent of the offer price we will immediately start the data recovery on your devices and send you an overview of the recovered data as soon as possible, usually on the next working day. 


Premium Data Recovery

The professional data recovery of affected hard disks is in many cases the only way to recover damaged or deleted data. This requires appropriate tools and above all years of experience and "know-how".

If you are looking for professional help to rescue your important data and files, then contact us!

What our customers say

Need help with hard drive data recovery?

If you have lost the data on your hard drive, the only thing that helps is hard drive data recovery. You may think that this is very complicated. But even laymen can do it. In this article we would like to show you how to recover the data on your hard disk properly.

What are the sources of error?

Before you can perform hard disk data recovery, you need to know which error caused the problems. To make it easier for you, we will list the most common errors.


It can always happen that your hard drive falls off them. Even a small fall can damage your hard drive. Other damages can come from so-called "fatigue symptoms". Fatigue symptoms of a hard disk is that the components of the hard disk are worn out too much over a period of time to still function.

In addition, very strong current fluctuations or overvoltages can cause the circuit board and the controller inside the hard disk to fail.

Logical errors

Logical errors are often the cause of lost data. Logical errors can occur during company updates. For example, the RAID system of the hard disk can be damaged if the update has damaged the hard disk. A logical error can also lead to the loss of an entire part of a hard disk, the so-called "partition".

Can I recover my hard drive myself?

You may be able to recover your data yourself. We explain how you can do this even as a layman.

If the error is a logical one where data has been deleted, you can recover your data using the Windows shadow copy. The Windows shadow copy is a program that automatically saves backups of your data. To use this shadow copy, right-click on your desktop and select "Restore previous version". Now a menu will open in which you can see which backups have been made automatically by Windows. Simply select the backup that contains your data.

Logical errors, where a partition has been deleted, can be restored using free programs on the Internet. Choose the program you like best. But be sure to use a copy of the drive for the recovery, otherwise the remaining partitions of the drive may be lost.

Mechanical problems are the most difficult to solve in hard disk data recovery. Very rarely you can repair mechanical errors yourself, as the risk of total data loss is far too high. However, you can prevent further damage to the hard disk.

If the computer does not recognize the hard disk, you hear strange noises from the hard disk or the hard disk reacts very slowly, then this can be an indication of mechanical damage.

If one of these cases applies to your hard disk, then remove the hard disk from the computer so that no further damage can occur that will make the data disappear permanently. In the case of mechanical failures, most people have no choice but to seek help from a professional.

We have performed data recovery on the following hard disks:

  • Data recovery Conner hard disks for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery ExcelStor hard drives for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery Fujitsu hard disks for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery Hewlett Packard hard drives for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery Hitachi hard drives for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery IBM hard drives for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery Maxtor hard drives for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery Quantum hard drives for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery Samsung hard drives for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery Seagate hard drives for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery Toshiba hard disks for desktop computers, notebooks and servers
  • Data recovery Western Digital hard drives for desktop computers, notebooks and servers